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Terms & Conditions New Member

All members must abide by the club rules which can be found displayed within the club by the booking kiosks and are are included in the Welcome document attached to your joining email.

Bookings and purchases from this site are covered by general terms and conditions found by selecting 'Purchase/Renew Memberships' at the top of the screen, then selecting 'Terms and Conditions ' from the side menu. A printable version is available at www.hinckleysquash.com/T&C

All memberships are subject to review by the club management committee within 30 days. If the application is declined a refund will be given.

Further documentation may be requested to support eligibility relating to the membership type purchased.

Information about Personal Data

Your personal data
The personal data that Hinckley Squash & Racketball Club stores can for example be your name, your address, your email address, your DOB, your gender and similar identification information and your login information.

For what purpose is this information stored?
Hinckley Squash & Racketball Club stores your personal information to be able to process your bookings or to deliver a given service to you, and to send you invoices and information regarding your subscriptions and bookings and other activities.

Deletion of personal data
You can request Hinckley Squash & Racketball Club to delete all your personal data from the Booking System, but please note, that this will only be possible if there are not issues at Hinckley Squash & Racketball Club that requires Hinckley Squash & Racketball Club to keep your data.
All invoices will be stored in the system for a minimum of 7 years.

Data relating to an individual member will be anonymized after an inactivity period of 36 months